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Guerrilla RF strives to enable universal wireless data access across the globe.

Our high performance RF and Microwave IC products enable new levels of range and coverage area in wireless systems. Aimed at various infrastructure applications, our products utilize our patent pending technologies, world class IC design talents, and cutting edge device technologies to deliver results.

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Our Applications

Our patent pending Guerrilla Armor™ LNA's, ultra low noise LNA's, and linear amplifiers provide the perfect solution for NLOS, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint Backhaul Radios. Our products enable range and data rate improvements through better Rx sensitivity and higher Tx power.

Our family of internally matched LNA's feature products with Guerrilla Armor, bypass modes, and best in class noise figures. In addition, our LNA's have the ability to increase their bias level for use as driver amplifiers in high linearity 802.11ac products.

Our linear low noise amplifiers are perfect for the Rx or Tx sections of Small Cell products, supporting the linearity requirements of LTE Advanced and WCDMA HSPA. Also, our versatile SOT-89 gain blocks simplify the implementation of the Rx and Tx paths of Small Cells with excellent return loss over very broad bands.

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Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier


New High Linearity Gain Block


New High Linearity Gain Block


Ultra-high linearity Power-LNATM

Latest Press

Microwaves & RF

17 Feb 2016

New High Frequency Devices - Special Report

Chris DeMartino, Technical Editor of Microwaves & RF, highlights the GRF4042 in his special report on new high frequency devices.

Guerrilla RF

09 Sep 2015

Guerrilla RF’s High Linearity Gain Blocks Feature Broadband Compressed Output Power

Next-generation Gain Blocks Ideal as Cost-effective, Broadband Pre-Drivers for Today’s Advanced GaN-based Power Amplifiers


Microwaves & RF

10 Aug 2015

Inside Track with Ryan Pratt, Founder and CEO, Guerrilla RF


Chris DeMartino interviews Guerrilla RF Founder and CEO Ryan Pratt

Guerrilla RF

29 Jul 2015

Guerrilla RF Ramps Production of Ultra-LNA Devices Featuring Industry Leading Noise Figure and Linearity


Company Now Ramping 10 Production Parts; Expected to Reach 20 Devices by the End Q3

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