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Guerrilla RF strives to enable universal wireless data access across the globe.

Our high performance RF and Microwave IC products enable new levels of range and coverage area in wireless systems. Aimed at various infrastructure applications, our products utilize our patent pending technologies, world class IC design talents, and cutting edge device technologies to deliver results.

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Our Applications

Our patent pending Guerrilla Armor™ LNA's, ultra low noise LNA's, and linear amplifiers provide the perfect solution for NLOS, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint Backhaul Radios. Our products enable range and data rate improvements through better Rx sensitivity and higher Tx power.

Our family of internally matched LNA's feature products with Guerrilla Armor, bypass modes, and best in class noise figures. In addition, our LNA's have the ability to increase their bias level for use as driver amplifiers in high linearity 802.11ac products.

Our linear low noise amplifiers are perfect for the Rx or Tx sections of Small Cell products, supporting the linearity requirements of LTE Advanced and WCDMA HSPA. Also, our versatile SOT-89 gain blocks simplify the implementation of the Rx and Tx paths of Small Cells with excellent return loss over very broad bands.

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Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier


New High Linearity Gain Block


Ultra-High Gain LNA


Ultra-high linearity Power-LNATM

Latest Press

Guerrilla RF

01 Nov 2016

Guerrilla RF Announces New Failsafe SPDT Switch for Cellular Boosters, Cellular Infrastructure and L-Band Satellite Communications

Low Loss and High Linearity, Combined with Failsafe Operation, for Applications from 100 MHz up to 3.8 GHz

Guerrilla RF

25 Aug 2016

Guerrilla RF Announces Completion of $900,000 Series C Funding Round

Guerrilla RF Inc., a leading provider of high performance microchips for wireless network infrastructure, today announces the closing of a $900,000 Series C funding round with participation from multiple angel...

Guerrilla RF

03 Aug 2016

Guerrilla RF and East Coast Microwave Announce Distribution Agreement

East Coast Microwave LLC and Guerrilla RF, a leading provider of high performance monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) for the wireless infrastructure market, announced today they have signed a...

Guerrilla RF

25 May 2016

Guerrilla RF’s New Broadband, High Gain LNA for Small Cells

Guerrilla RF Inc., a leading provider of high performance MMICs, today introduces GRF2105 – a new addition to the company’s growing list of broadband, linear LNA devices. This LNA is targeted at small cells, cellular boosters and other broadband, high...

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